SafeZorb is an All-Purpose absorbent made with a high quality blend of minerals, designed for superior performance and manufactured to a fine granular specification. SafeZorb will absorb any hydrocarbon, petro-chemical, or hazardous material except hydrofluoric acid. The product is also hydrophilic and does not break down in water or aqueous solvents or lubricants.   

SafeZorb is amazingly absorbent, easy to use, environmentally friendly, human and animal SAFE.  SafeZorb is a superior, cost effective and environmentally friendly choice for many different cleanup applications.  SafeZorb is an all-natural, GREEN solution that enhances safety in the workplace and is not hazardous to the environment.

Work Place Safety

Experience SafeZorb to enhance safety in your workplace!  SafeZorb’s strong granules improve traction and won't break down when saturated.  The granular mesh size creates a safe non-slip work area.  SafeZorb works great for quickly cleaning leaks and spills in areas around machinery. 

Cost Effective

SafeZorb is a Quicker, Safer, Cleaner solution that equals dollars and sense for your sustainability and remediation concerns.  SafeZorb’s fine granular blend offers much more surface area than most of the competition creating a product with more absorption at less expense.  When used properly, most HAZMAT waste is no longer hazardous thereby substantially reducing waste disposal costs. 

(*StormZorb products must be disposed of in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.  Since various fluids absorbed may be toxic or hazardous in nature, StormZorb does not recommend disposal procedures.)

Absorption Rate

SafeZorb is designed for greater absorbing power and superior pound per gallon performance.  Recommended use is 5lbs of   SafeZorb to 1 quart of motor oil.  At this rate, SafeZorb can be safely and easily swept away.  

Full absorption rate, 5lbs of SafeZorb will absorb approx. 5lbs of oil (2.85 quarts).  At this rate expect over saturation.


SafeZorb has passed the US EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure (TCLP) after absorbing hydrocarbons.  TCLP testing was performed by an indepenent lab (REI Consultants,

How to use SafeZorb:

SafeZorb is easy to use on many hard surfaces, no special equipment is needed, just apply and sweep or vacuum.  Simply apply over the contaminated area and in most cases, in less than two minutes, the spill has been absorbed and the odor has been eliminated. Then simply sweep up or vacuum a dry sand like substance where there had previously been a messy spill. 

Safezorb facts:

  • High Absorbency rate (20lbs absorbs approx. 1 gallon of oil)
  • Safely absorbs most acids and caustics (Do not use on Hydrofluoric acid)
  • Absorbs any hydro-carbon product (oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, turpentine, etc.)
  • Outdoor Use- Will not blow away easily
  • Leaves granules dry to the touch (No sticky, gooey mess)
  • HAZMAT safe, non-reactive, no adverse reaction on most substances
  • Removes new and old oil spills from concrete or other hard surfaces
  • Non-flammable
  • 99% Dust-free

SafeZorb Uses:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • DOT/Emergency/HAZMAT
  • Aviation
  • Home and Garage
  • Commercial
  • Recreation
  • Military
  • Accident Scene
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary
  • Auto/Bus/Trucking/Fleet Industries
  • Motorsports
  • Hospitals/Clinics/Hospices/Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Restaurants/Taverns

SafeZorb will absorb:

  • Motor oil
  • Battery acid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel fuel/Bio-fuels
  • Aircraft de-icer fluid/Antifreeze/Coolants 
  • Urine/Feces/Blood/Vomit
  • Water based liquids
  • Paints/Greases
  • Human and Animal bodily fluids
  • And many other liquids including synthetics