StormZorb’s mission is to develop premium all-purpose spill-control products for commercial and home use.  Our research team is dedicated to creating new products because of the dire need for reasonably priced, safe, environmentally friendly spill control products.   
concentrates on customer service and meeting the needs of our customers.  We are our customer’s spill-control partners.  We can assess your spill-control needs and offer the products best suited for your company.
is currently developing new spill-control products because the marketplace is demanding more options.  Our first product offered is SafeZorb all-purpose granular absorbent.  More products coming in 2018!

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Quicker, Safer, Cleaner, All-Purpose granular absorbent


SafeZorb is an All-Purpose absorbent made with a high quality blend of minerals, designed for superior performance.
SafeZorb will absorb any hydrocarbon, petro-chemical, or hazardous material except hydrofluoric acid.
The product is also hydrophilic and does not break down in water or aqueous solvents or lubricants. 
SafeZorb covers more surface area than most of the competition creating a product with more absorption at less expense.